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Product title:ESD Rubber Mats SP-MAT01

  • Product detail:1. Excellent vibration resistance and fatigue resistance; 2. Automatic adjustment of the force applied, to relieve the sense of fatigue. 3. Volume resistance ≤108Ω㎝, thickness at 2 or 3mm x10 m. 4. With long Service life

    Antistatic Rubber Mat SP-MAT01




    • 1.   Excellent vibration resistance and fatigue resistance; 

    •      2.   Automatic adjustment of the force applied, to relieve the sense of fatigue. 

    •     3.  Volume resistance ≤108Ω, thickness at 2 or 3mm x10 m.

    •     4.  With long Service life.

    Performance of antistatic table mat

    Performance of Antistatic Table Mat


    antistatic layer(grey,blue ,

    green layer) 

    Surface resistance,Ω



     0.6*10*2 or 3mm

     0.9*10*2 or 3mm

    1*10*2 or 3mm

      1.2*10*2 or 3mm


    Friction static fields,V


    Conductive layer(black layer)

    Product specification, Ω


    Friction static fields,V


    Declining stage of static 




    Volume resistance


    The Anti-static table mat has two layers. The upper surface layer is anti-static layer, the bottom layer is black conductiving layer. Green and black to 1:1 proportion. Use more service life

    It consists of static electricity dissipation layer and static electricity conducting layer. It adopts quality nitrile-butadiene rubber as main material as well as quality 

    conductive carbon black and static electricity dissipation powder

    It features abrasion resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkall resistance, aging resistance, flame resistance ,high elasticity, smooth surface , etc.

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