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Product title:ESD LED Desk Type Magnifying Lamp SP-MAG32C-1

  • Product detail:LED type antistatic black desk design magnifying lamp

    ESD LED Desk Type Magnifying Lamp SP-MAG32C-1

    ESD LED Desk type Manifying lamp.jpg


    Adjustable multi-function with LED light Desktop Magnifier PD-032C

    Patent Number: 201230240817.8

    A Introduction:

    1, Magnifier Magnification: 10X

       Lens Material: Green glass optional;

    Magnifying lens effective diameter: 125mm;

    2, with 36 white LED lamp lighting, color temperature 6500-7000K;

    Light Brightness: 1m distance of about 300LUX, adjustable light intensity;

    Power input voltage 110V-220V, output voltage 12V current 40mA, voltage security;

    Input power cord length 1.2m, with adjustable brightness of the power supply box;

    3, an intermediate metal hose length 250mm, the angle can be adjusted magnifying glass;

    4, the base is 180 * 280mm metal table, and with four rubber feet;

    5, magnifying lamp head size: 148 * 166 * mm;

    6, the entire weight: 2kg.

    7. surface resistance: 10e6-9ohm 

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