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Product title:Smart automatic ionizing air blower ZK-06W

  • Product detail:Smart air blower, auto air blower, ionizing air blower

    Smart mini auto ionizing air blower ZK-06W 

    Product Description


    This ionizing air blower is a kind of static eliminating equipment putting on the desk which supports balance ion flow and huge coverage. It is able to neutrilize and eliminate the static charge which spreading widely and not easy to touch. It is desire eleminating equipment of delicate electronic products, medication line of set-up, printing, packing, and delicate products.Discharge effect is still reduced from 1000v to 10v.It is used in the thousands level clean room.It is a excellent industrial product in eliminating static electricity.




    1. Rapidly neutralizes static charges,

    2. Smart, delicate, easy to operate,

    3. Adjustable continuously to wind speed. indicating lamp for ions producing,

    4. Small size, light weight and portable,
    5. With magnetic leakage transformer, long life span and short-circuit proof ,
    6. Variable speed fan with wide range of air flow,
    7. Inherently balanced ion output,
    8. Ionization indicator lamp,

    9. Ion emitter cleaner inside, easy cleaning .





    Wildly used in electronics, optoelectronics, semiconductors, plastics, films and printing industries.

    Smart mini auto ionizing air blower ZK-06W

    Technical parameters:


    Model:                               KF-06W

    Supply voltage:                220V

    Operation Temperature:  0oC-40oC

    Size:                                 112mm(L)x102mm(W)x55mm(H)

    Weight:                         0.56Kg
    Air Volume:                   0.55-0.71m3/min
    Ion Balance:                 Auto Ion balance system <=0±10V(Test Range:30cm)
    Keywors:                       industrial fan air blower


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